Hybrid Working

Long-term working is likely to mean only part-time office presence.

This will require new permanent practices to replace the convenience of everyone working in the same place. OvercomeFear Of Missing Out from those working remotely. 

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Keep on Top of your Work
& Feel Included

This webinar gives better ways to work, practical techniques that can be applied immediately to help everyone to be productive regardless of where they are working

How it works
  • How to prioritise Inboxes

  • How to organise To Do’s

  • How to keep in touch with those working remotely

  • How to keep on top of all work-in-progress

  • How to have realistic plans each day

  • How to save time when arranging meetings & calls

  • How to run hybrid meetings with remote participants


Hands-on Instructor-led Webinar: 2 hour Webinar

Languages: We can deliver in English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin & Turkish.

Follow-up Group Refresher: Online 1-2 weeks after training.

Tailoring: Training objectives are discussed in advance to suit individuals & teams.


Group Refresher: 1 hour Group session 1-2 weeks after the Webinar to re-enforce the learnings from the training.

Ongoing support: WorkingSm@rt Helpdesk, no matter where you work.

LearningLink: Our monthly productivity e-newsletter to keep you updated.