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Productivity Game Changer: Why Live Training with an Instructor will Boost Work Productivity

Training, whether in-person or virtual, is fundamental for driving positive behavioural change in individuals and organisations. Today there are countless training models, but one form stands above the rest: the presence of an instructor, whether appearing on screen or physically in the same room as attendees, who leads the instruction in real-time.  

So if your people are not taking up all those e-learning sessions, this blog is for your. This week's blog explores why direct interaction with an instructor is a game changer in instilling positive behavioural change that boosts work productivity.  

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Immediate Feedback & Help 

One of the most compelling reasons for direct training with an instructor is the ability to receive immediate feedback and help. In-person or virtual instructors can identify areas of improvement during training and help with any questions straight away. This prompt feedback helps participants understand their mistakes and pivot, thereby increasing the likelihood that they are not only learning relevant skills but how to use them correctly and efficiently.  


The Priority Management Difference: Our instructors are experts at providing immediate guidance, corrections and motivation. This is foundational to our setting up your teams for long-term success. While outright mistakes are often evident, it is the identification of misconceptions or places where a shift in perspective or work approach is needed that can be difficult. Our trainers excel in this area and leverage this to the fullest for all clients. 

Personalized Productivity Guidance 

Training provided in real-time by an instructor allows content to be tailored for the group and each participant. Instructors recognise individual learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, and adapt their approach to teaching accordingly. This personalisation ensures that participants receive the right level of support to facilitate behavioural improvements that equate to work productivity gains. 


The Priority Management Difference: Not only do Priority Management instructors adapt their teaching style for their audience, but they learn about the group’s working style and needs in advance and during training for the ultimate in curated content. They tailor the training for the actual working conditions and workflows of the group. When training is completely personalised in this way, learning takes on an augmented effect where skills can be fully adapted and applied to the job. 


Accountability for Work Productivity  

Direct interaction with an instructor establishes a sense of accountability. This increases the chances that participants are dedicated to training and applying learned skills. Instructors can set expectations, provide encouragement and hold participants responsible for their progress. Additionally, when employees are held accountable for their learning and development, they are more likely to be proactive in taking control of their career growth. 

The Priority Management Difference: One of the hallmarks of our work is the ongoing coaching that we provide. These check-ins guide the application of skills to the workplace. Additionally, at any point in time after training, we offer sessions to brush up on taught skills. All of this follow-up adds layers of accountability and goes far in advancing work productivity.  

Assessment and Monitoring 

Direct instructors have the added advantage of providing quality assessment and monitoring, which other types of learning modules cannot offer to the same degree. Learners' progress can be assessed later and adjustments to the workplace training can be provided. This allows workers to stay on track and enact corrections. This practical experience increases the chances that participants successfully adopt new behaviours into their day-to-day lives. 

The Priority Management Difference: Our work has one inexhaustible focus: to instill measurable behavioural improvements in your team. With every client, we offer a carefully calculated assessment called an Impact Report. This measures gains in key areas, such as email triage or document sharing, based on surveys taken by employees three months post-training. Our one-of-a-kind Impact Report evaluates time savings on discrete tasks, and total time savings and appraises your training ROI. 


Training with Measurable Work Productivity Gains 

Behavioural change is the only way to improve work productivity in the immediate and long term. Priority Management has been training teams around the world - at companies big and small - for over forty years in both. Find out why so many clients rely on us over and again to skill up their workforce and boost work productivity. 


Priority Management is a worldwide training company with 55 offices in 15 countries. We have successfully trained more than two million graduates in Priority workshops. Our programs help companies and people be more effective and manage their workflow in and out of the office by providing tools, processes and discipline. Simply put - A Better Way To Work! Clients range from Fortune 500 companies, small-to-medium businesses and government/military employees.

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This blog has been sourced by Priority Management International and edited by Priority Management London.


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