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Impactful Advances in Performance delivered internationally across all sectors. 


Our tailored programmes share principles, processes and tools that unite everyone towards common goals.

Start implementing new productivity behaviours during the training and turning them into life-long habits!

7-days Cancellation Policy: We have changed our standard 30-days cancellation terms to 7-days for 2020.

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Balancing Work with Home

WorkingSm@rt From Home

Working alone at home brings new challenges. Success is best achieved if you can reproduce at home how you plan, share and communicate  in the office. The ability to self-manage and be a good communicator has never been greater.

Keeping Teams Productive

WorkingSm@rt as a Remote Leader


Managing people who are in remote working environments brings new challenges. Face-to-face leadership techniques need to be reproduced virtually.  The ability to support your Team’s wellbeing and to motivate them has never been greater.

Collaborating in New Ways

WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft TEAMS

Microsoft TEAMS introduces potential new ways of working.

‘WorkingSm@rt’ guidelines make it work & boost productivity.

Prioritising to Work Effectively

WorkingSm@rt with Outlook


Increase effectiveness and decrease workload stress by improving productivity and achieving objectives more on time. Learn flexible and practical methods to prioritise, plan and gain control over time. Using Outlook, Gmail or iPhone/iPad

Accessing Immediate Information

WorkingSm@rt with OneNote


Save time with fast access to information. Improved collaboration through easy to find notes & actions, using OneNote.

Leading Productive Meetings

WorkingSm@rt in Meetings


Spend less time in meetings. Lead them with greater confidence & involve everyone.

Planning Projects

Create the backbone for project success with practical, highly visible and logical planning.  Includes “the most effective method of project execution planning” (PMI) that complements Prince2.

Executing Projects

Deliver small/medium projects on time. Manage project progress ‘by exception’ & update stakeholders, using advanced Outlook.

Open WebShops

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Instructor-led at your desk.

4 hrs from 0900-1300 UK

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