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How to Embrace Digital Transformation for Better Employee Teamwork

Image by Annie Spratt

The Internet has greatly changed how people around the world work and work together. If you are a manager, and you are seeing that your team is struggling with teamwork, then one thing to consider is how well you are incorporating digital solutions. Is it time to have a digital transformation in your workplace?

​A digital transformation is about bringing in key technologies that will help a team work together better to get jobs done, and to do so in a more productive manner with better communication. For example, have you introduced any of the following positive teamwork digital solutions into your team:


  • Collaboration software: Microsoft Teams is a hub that integrates the 365 Apps. It becomes the core office programme to implement digitalisation skills throughout organisation and also drives cultural changes that include transparent and trusting collaboration.  

  • Project Execution software: Microsoft Planner gives teams one central location where all aspects of a given project can be managed. Team members can assign Tasks, check the progress of a project, update information, and coordinate documents in Microsoft Teams.

  • File sharing software: Private and government companies need to know that the information that they are sharing with each other is done securely. File sharing software does just that so that employees can effectively keep up to date with each other by sharing those big files quickly and safely.

  • Notes Collection software:  Microsoft OneNote is a three-dimensional, electronic notebook that can be shared and quickly updated. Its many uses include detailed research material, meeting agendas, pre-reading & presentations, Templates for Standard Operating Systems, and it can also be accessed from Microsoft TEAMS.


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