Working Remotely

Reproduce your office effectiveness when working remotely with Working Sm@rt training

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Online 2-hour Webinars

Working alone at home brings new challenges. Success is best achieved if you can reproduce at home how you plan, share and communicate  in the office. The ability to self-manage and be a good communicator has never been greater.


Online 2-hour Webinars

Managing people who are in remote working environments brings new challenges. Face-to-face leadership techniques need to be reproduced virtually.  The ability to support your Team’s wellbeing and to motivate them has never been greater.

Here's what people say

WorkingSm@art as a Remote Leader

"Short, crisp, on-point - nice tips on leading remotely. Beneficial working with other managers.”

“Very packed with valuable and interesting material giving ideas and best practices for remote leading.”

- Gaming


Managing Workloads Remotely

"The benefit of this training is that makes working from home more enjoyable."

“A good way to understanding how to reduce stress and ensure you remain productive while working from home.”

- Goverment

WorkingSm@art as a Remote Leader

“Very well presented, a wide range of valuable topics relating to leading and supporting my team”.

“Excellent facilitation.
Good reflections on the complexities of managing a virtual team.”

- Gaming Client

- Pharmaceutical