Prioritising to Work Effectively

Increase effectiveness and decrease workload stress by improving productivity and achieving objectives more on time.


Learn flexible and practical methods to prioritise, plan and gain control over time.

Using Outlook, Gmail or iPhone/iPad. 


Prioritising to Work Effectively

More control, less stress

Most people are familiar with the basic functions of personal organiser programmes like Outlook. 'WorkingSm@rt' training transforms software functions by adding practical processes to work productively and effectively.

How it works

8 New Behaviours


  1. Prioritising continuously

  2. Planning realistically

  3. Allocating time to objectives

  4. Controlling Inbox

  5. Organising information

  6. Managing expectations & interruptions

  7. Following-up others

  8. Tracking conversations



  • ​Doing the right work at the right time

  • Making best use of your time

  • Delivering work on schedule

  • Clearing Inbox to focus on actions

  • Finding emails quickly

  • Controlling work from others

  • Others delivering reliably

  • Remembering who agreed what


Unit 1 – Being Productive

Unit 2 – Setting Yourself Up to Work Sm@rt

Unit 3 – Manage Your Emails Effectively

Unit 4 – Managing Commitments to Enable a Sense of Achievement

Unit 5 – Achieve Better Results Through Effective Communication and Delegation

Unit 6 – Priority Planning for Results

Available for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook for Apple Mac, Lotus Notes, Google Apps and iPhone & iPad.


Hands-on Instructor-led Sessions: On client's premises Workshops of 3.5 or 7hrs & online Webshops of 4hrs.

Languages: We can deliver in English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin & Turkish.

Follow-up Individual Coaching: Online or Face-to-Face at your desk.

Tailoring: Training objectives are discussed in advance to suit individuals & teams.


Graduates' Refresher: Join a 1 hour complimentary online refresher session with one our Priority Coaches.

Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual: Individual Virtual Learning Guide with training content to refer to, whenever you want.

Ongoing support: WorkingSm@rt Helpdesk, no matter where you work.

LearningLink: Our monthly productivity e-newsletter to keep you updated.


“Really useful practical advice. One of the most useful training sessions I have been on and I don't say that lightly.” - Oil

“An excellent way to learn to get on top your inbox, be in control of your tasks and time, and generally improve productivity!”

- Government Department

Excellent, yet simple and accessible methods we can all use to effectively organise our working days.”- Government Department

“A great way to rethink and simplify your working practices.” - Finance