Productive & Time Efficient Meetings

Spend less time in meetings. Lead them with greater confidence & involve everyone.

Working from Home
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Leading Productive Online Meetings

On track + On time + Shorter 

WorkingSm@rt  processes provide the foundation for designing and running effective online meetings which are enhanced by WorkingSm@rt meeting leadership techniques.

How it works


• Lead meetings with greater confidence & involve everyone
• Achieve meeting outcomes
• Recognise when meetings are not the solution
• Spend less time in meetings


• On track and on time meetings
• Different personalities recognised and managed
• Well-designed agendas bring clarity, timing and focus
• Participants more likely to arrive prepared and on time
• Decisions made more easily and circulated immediately
• Planning & administration simplified. Option to use OneNote


Unit 1 – The Four Phases for WorkingSm@rt in Meetings

Unit 2 – Pre-Meeting Requirements 

Unit 3 – Constructing the Agenda

Unit 4 – During the Meeting

Unit 5 – After the Meeting


Hands-on Instructor-led Sessions: On client's premises Workshops of 3.5 hrs & online Webshops of 4hrs.

Languages: We can deliver in English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin & Turkish.

Follow-up Individual Coaching: Online or Face-to-Face at your desk.

Tailoring: Training objectives are discussed in advance to suit individuals & teams.


Graduates' Refresher: Join a 1 hour complimentary online refresher session with one our Priority Coaches.

Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual: Individual Virtual Learning Guide with training content to refer to, whenever you want.

Ongoing support: WorkingSm@rt Helpdesk, no matter where you work.

LearningLink: Our monthly productivity e-newsletter to keep you updated.


“Covers many important topics to consider for running effective meetings.

- Pharmaceutical

“Useful tools to manage meetings, understanding different types of people participating and managing time.”

- Cosmetics

“Re-setting the standards and expectations for meetings - game changing!"- Finance

“Really step back and think why we have a meeting, set agenda and follow-up.”

- Pharmaceutical