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5 Tips to Manage an Overloaded Inbox

If your inbox gets inundated with emails, you are not alone. The problem is so pervasive that it has its own term: email overload. Some workers get hundreds or even thousands of emails a day, causing anxiety in even opening their inbox. Important correspondence goes unanswered or a disproportionate amount of time is wasted with email follow-ups and looking for information. All of this eats into your ability to manage your own work and your team.

Here we look at five tips on how to manage an overloaded inbox to help you be more efficient with email use, so you can free up time and work more productively.

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1. Identify Your Email Habits

Developing good email habits starts with determining how you currently manage your emails.

People who struggle with email volume typically fall into one of the categories below. By identifying how you use emails, you can start improvements straight away.