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Closed WebShops/WorkShops: There is a minimum charge for 10 delegates per workshop/webshop (‘Minimum Daily Charge’), unless other terms have been agreed. Payments of invoices are due in full 30 days latest after the training date, and payment can be by BACS, Cheque or International Bank Transfer. VAT at the current rate will be added to all invoices for training services delivered in the UK.

Open WebShops: payment is due thirty (30) days in advance.

Unpaid Invoices: Where invoices remain unpaid, Priority Management reserves the right to charge interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of 1.5% per month (or part month) until the account is settled.


Prices charged will be those ruling on the date of dispatch or supply unless a valid written quotation to the client is in force at the time, in which case the quoted price will apply. Proposals/quotations remain valid for 60 days, unless agreed otherwise. Prices are based on payment in full within 30 days of the training date. No prices are valid for more than 12 months from date of Proposal/Quotation unless agreed otherwise in writing.


Purchase Orders, or equivalent order confirmations, must be issued by the Client before reserved dates can be confirmed by Priority Management.


Virtual Learning Guides are available online for some programmes for use any time for six months from date of registration and can be extended on application to the local Priority Management office. Registrations cannot be cancelled less than three working days before the training date, unless agreed by Priority Management. The Virtual Learning Guides are copyrighted and owned by Priority Management International. These are not to be distributed to anyone else in any form. The link, Usernames and Passwords are for each delegate’s sole use – forwarding the link to someone else is a violation of the agreement and conditions. If improper use is detected, the link will be revoked.


For in-company training events, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that adequate facilities are made available. Priority Management will not take responsibility for problems arising from inadequate facilities, procedures or availability.


Priority Management cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss, consequential or otherwise, resulting from the use of their products or supply of their services.


In the event that the Client needs to cancel or postpone a training event and the Client is unable to provide Priority Management with a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice prior to the date, then 50% of the Minimum Daily Charge is payable. If less than seven (7) day’s written notice is provided, then the full Minimum Daily Charge shall be payable. If over thirty (30) days’ notice is given, and any workshop materials have been ordered on behalf of the Client in any language other than English, or with any customisation specific to the Client, then 25% of the Minimum Daily Charge shall be payable, regardless of the date of cancellation. Any non-refundable costs of travel or hotels that have been booked on behalf of the client shall also be re-charged to the client.


Individual online follow-up coaching sessions are included in the training charge for some training programmes on the assumption that a minimum of five (5) coachings per day per Priority Management Coach can be arranged. If the coachings are at delegates’ desks, the five (5) coachings must be in the same or adjoining buildings. Once coaching dates have been arranged for a client, individual coaching times can only be re-arranged to other dates if a Priority Management Coach is available.

Priority Management do not guarantee that alternative coaching times will be arranged if any delegate cancels their booked coaching times.


Recordings of online webshops will only be used for training purposes and always anonymized. due to Priority Management International IP and licencing reasons, recording and/or filming by participants is strictly prohibited. Copies of internal recordings and slides are also not available for external distribution.

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