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Medtronic - Case Study
Prioritising to Work Effectively

Priority Management has trained over 2000 Medtronic employees around the world since 2008 - here is what we have accomplished.



Medtronic is the world’s premier medical technology and healthcare services provider. Medtronic is a pre-eminent leader in delivering technology and procedural innovations to address the major disease states impacting patients and healthcare costs around the world. With over 85,000 employees around the world, Medtronic improves 2 people’s lives every second. Priority Management works with Medtronic in Australia, UK/IRL, EMEA, running the ‘WorkingSm@rt’ productivity programme, training over 2000 people since 2008. 

Challenge to Priority Management

The challenge presented by Medtronic’s L&D team to Priority Management’s regional office in London was to deliver an email and time management training programme that would facilitate employees in prioritising, forward planning, managing expectations and improving their use of time. Particular support was to help manage high volumes of emails received and overall to improve work and life balance among employees.

Medical Consultation

Priority Management Solution

Priority Management show people where Outlook supports the 8 best practice behaviours that are the foundation of personal productivity and effectiveness. Working with their own live data, participants learn new processes to manage their emails, calendars and tasks to transform the way they work.  WorkingSm@rt with Outlook transforms Outlook into a productivity tool to develop people’s time management and prioritising skills to plan and deliver their high workloads. Even very organised people will find their productivity and effectiveness moved to a higher level.


Each class is tailored in a pre-training ‘Discovery’ meeting, based on each group’s training needs and priorities.


Delivery is Instructor-led with highly interactive online webshops,  followed-up with individual online  coaching  – this customises the new ways of working.

WorkingSmart Results at Medtronic

Post programme evaluations found the following results:


Improvement  in Managing Emails


Improvement  in Planning

& Organisation


Improvement  in  Teamwork


Improvement  in Balancing

Work & Life

“Very helpful - I wish I’d done this training years ago. It empowers people with effective time, project and people management.”

“I have recommended this course to everyone I have spoken to over the last few weeks. Excellent course, I will be arranging the same for my team as soon as I can.”

“I am more structured in my day-to-day activities, and I am starting to scope future activities based on the methods – there is an art to planning and prioritising which so many of us assume we are doing when we are not!!”

Online Class

Prioritising to Work Effectively

WorkingSmart with Outlook

Increase effectiveness and decrease workload stress by improving productivity and achieving objectives more on time.


Learn flexible and practical methods to prioritise, plan and gain control over time.

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