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Productivity Survey

Request a link for your team to complete this survey, and we will send you a complimentary report of their key productivity challenges, no strings attached.

Survey Demo

We use this question to identify which challenges your people are facing and which WorkingSmart solutions we can offer.

If you want to go ahead and use it on your team, click on the Request Survey Link button and send us an email.

Keep an eye on your inbox; you should receive a Survey Monkey link from our team shortly after.

Which challenges do you see at work? 
  • Not prioritising work & To-Do's

  • Planning each day is difficult

  • Not enough time for own work or too much time in meetings

  • Constant interruptions

  • Making unrealistic promises or reluctance to say "No not now"

  • Inbox backlogs or difficulty in finding emails

  • Finding Messages in MS TEAMS

  • Losing sight of action requests in emails & MS TEAMS Messages

  • Locating latest versions of files held in multiple locations

  • Others not responding to requests on time

  • Unable to view project plans or progress

  • Difficulty in locating meeting notes or conversation notes

  • Meeting actions not recorded or visible

  • Too many MS TEAMS or Outlook notifications

  • Unsure how to use the full TEAMS experience in meetings

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