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3 Key Steps for How to Be Productive

Image by Elisa Ventur

There is getting tasks done and then there is getting tasks done effectively. Good productivity is all about making the most out of your time at a given task and getting it done with the least amount of work stress. But how to be productive?


Consider the following three key steps that can help you reduce your work stress by making the most out of your time at work:

1.    Stop multitasking: 

For too long, multitasking was a sort of buzzword people used to boast about how much they could do at one time. Study after study shows that multitasking makes workers less efficient. The reason is because of the way our brains are naturally hardwired to work more efficiently when focusing on one task rather than switching between two or more.


2.    Create systems for easy tasks:
Most professionals will have some type of repetitive task. In fact, it is these repetitive tasks that people often feel the most compelled to multitask on! But instead of multitasking, consider figuring out systems of getting those repetitive tasks done more quickly.


3.    Give yourself early wins:
When you first get into work or first start a new project, tackle the easiest things first. Giving yourself early wins and accomplishments gives your brain a rewarding boost to help you overcome harder tasks later on.

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