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6 Ways to Improve Staff Productivity as a Manager

Employees and managers have a lot in common regarding workplace productivity. Both sides must find ways to be more productive to be successful. Here are 6 ways to help your staff be more productive:

Encourage Teamwork

It is always easier working in a team rather than being a lone ranger. A team approach to work is more productive because employees can share ideas and knowledge to benefit the whole team. This will also help increase employees' self-confidence since they work together towards a common goal.

Don't Micromanage

It is important not to micromanage your employees. Being a boss when you are not sure of what things your staff should do will stress them out and bring about a lot of mistakes. Keep an eye on how your staff work, and if necessary, give them plenty of guidance and suggestions for their work. Understanding the needs of each employee will help you be more productive in your job as well.

With these tips, you can be on your way to becoming a great leader who can make your staff more productive. You don't have to follow all of the tips but incorporate those that will fit your organization and situation. This will help you improve productivity and achieve more as a team.

Be a Good Leader

If you want to see your employees be more productive, you should first be a good leader and role model. Leading by example is much more effective than issuing orders every time something goes wrong in the office. Inspire them to achieve more by setting good examples and making your voice heard when it comes to problem-solving. Treat your employees like humans so that they will treat you the same way.

Set Goals

Clear goals help your employees focus on what they have to do. Set goals weekly, monthly, and yearly, and set quarterly rewards for your staff. Goal setting can be fun if you involve the entire team. Goals also help evaluate your employee's performance which is essential for productivity assessment.

Organise Training

If you are serious about getting more productivity from your employees, organise staff training. Training can be different depending on your industry. You can have training on essential software needed at work or new ways to type on a keyboard; the list goes on. Training your staff improves their skills and work performance and boosts their confidence. Confident employees tend to be more productive than those who doubt their abilities. Check out our Prioritising to Work Effective Training to learn flexible and practical methods to prioritise, plan and gain control over time.

Promote a Healthy Work Environment

A stressful and unorganized office is a breeding ground for distractions, tension, and lack of motivation. A lot of productivity issues arise because of the unhealthy work environment. Consider ways to improve your workplace and eliminate unhealthy factors in the office. Give your staff time to exercise during lunch break or have monthly massage sessions to relieve stress caused by work. This way, you can help your staff be more productive even outside the office. We also recommend you check out The Jar - Healthy Snack Vending Machines in the UK, so your team (and yourself included 😉) can get their hands on some goodies without the guilt.

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