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Create the backbone for project success with practical, highly visible and logical planning.  Includes “the most effective method of project execution planning” (PMI) that complements Prince2.

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Online 7-hour Instructor-led WebShops

Take the complexity out of Project Planning using practical online tools. Our Practical training uses real world examples that give people the skills and confidence to plan, lead and deliver projects successfully.

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Unit 1 – Genesis: In this unit you will learn to lay a solid foundation for the project

Unit 2 – Design: We will show you the design framework and the importance of performance criteria

Unit 3 – Execution Planning: You will learn how to create a project execution plan

Unit 4 – Execution: You will learn how to manage the project plan including changes

Unit 5 – Review: We will show you how to learn from the experiences

Unit 6 – Supplements: Additional Tools and Techniques: In this section we have compiled additional tools and techniques to use in planning and managing projects, starting with a Project Survival Guide


Anyone, novice or veteran, who manages, supports or initiates projects.


Hands-on Instructor-led Sessions: Online webshops of  7hrs or 3.5hrs on separate days

Languages: We can deliver this course in English

Follow-up Individual Coaching: 60 minutes Online

Tailoring: Training objectives are discussed in advance to suit individuals & teams.


Graduates' Refresher: Join a 1 hour complimentary online refresher session with one our Priority Coaches.

Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual: Individual Virtual Learning Guide with training content to refer to, whenever you want.

Ongoing support: WorkingSm@rt Helpdesk, no matter where you work.

LearningLink: Our monthly productivity e-newsletter to keep you updated.




"After 25 years in the project management field and having undertaken many courses and qualifications, I can confidently state that PPB is the most useful course I have taken.  The course focuses on the most important part of any project, getting it off the ground.  It has fundamentally changed how I plan and initiate projects using a set of tangible tools and techniques that are implementable irrespective of the size or complexity of the project.  It is rare that a course can deliver real change in how you manage something you have done for many years and PPB has successfully achieved this for me.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to develop their PM skillset." - John Bourke, Project Director

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