Collecting & Finding Notes

Save time with fast access to information. 

Improved collaboration through easy to find notes & actions, using OneNote.


Collecting & Finding Notes

‘WorkingSm@rt’ training is different from ONENOTE Tech training that only shows you how to turn functions on & off but not how to use it productively. ‘WorkingSm@rt’ processes makes ONENOTE highly effective for finding all your information and notes quickly, and being better prepared for meetings. 

How it works

INDIVIDUAL uses for OneNote

• Organising all types of information for fast access
• Conversation planning, recording & follow-up
• Reference data, research & ideas
• Presentations & other work needing preparation
• Travel work

TEAM uses for OneNote

• Collaborating & sharing as a team 
• Meeting planning, real-time noting actions & follow-up
• Project & events co-ordination & communicating
• Standard procedures with shared templates
• Manager communications with team​ & tracking performance


Unit 1 – Information Management Best Practices

Unit 2 – Getting Started with OneNote

Unit 3 – Taking Notes

Unit 4 – Working as a Team in Shared Notes

Unit 5 – Linking, Tagging and Locating Notes

Unit 6 – Integrating OneNote with Outlook


Hands-on Instructor-led Sessions: On client's premises Workshops of 3.5hrs & online Webshops of 4hrs.

Languages: We can deliver in English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin & Turkish.

Follow-up Individual Coaching: Online or Face-to-Face at your desk.

Tailoring: Training objectives are discussed in advance to suit individuals & teams.


Graduates' Refresher: Join a 1 hour complimentary online refresher session with one our Priority Coaches.

Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual: Individual Virtual Learning Guide with training content to refer to, whenever you want.

Ongoing support: WorkingSm@rt Helpdesk, no matter where you work.

LearningLink: Our monthly productivity e-newsletter to keep you updated.


“Allows you to be more interactive with others within your team, within your given project and a useful tool to reduce pointless emails.”- Construction

“Gave great insight into the advanced features and how it links in with other apps.” - Cosmetics

“Will benefit all levels not just management.- Pharmaceutical

Great for efficiency in meeting note taking, searching old notes, organising meeting and tracking projects or any other items.”​- Government Department