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Microsoft TEAMS is hiding its light in plain sight

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly versatile tool, yet many organisations only scratch the surface of its capabilities. While Teams is widely recognised for facilitating online meetings and chats, its potential extends far beyond these basic functions. When used to its full capacity, Microsoft Teams can simplify internal communications, streamline document management, make meetings more productive and overall improve productivity. Here’s how:

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Simplify Communications

One of the most significant benefits of Microsoft Teams is its ability to speed up internal communications and reduce the volume of internal emails. By shifting conversations from email to Teams Posts, organisations can foster more efficient and organised communication. Teams Posts allow for threaded conversations, which makes it easier to track discussions and decisions. Meanwhile, Chat should be reserved for short-term messages, ensuring that more substantial conversations are easy to find and follow.

Streamline Document Management

Another major advantage of Microsoft Teams is the centralisation of document filing. By storing all shared files within Teams, organisations can ensure that everyone has access to the latest versions. This practice also helps maintain version histories, as files are named consistently, and stored in a single location. This approach saves considerable time currently lost searching for files. It also reduces the risk of errors and confusion that can arise from multiple versions of documents being shared via email.

Make Meetings Productive

Microsoft Teams can also make meetings more productive by using Teams to capture meeting notes and actions in real-time. These notes and tasks are visible to everyone, promoting transparency and accountability, and enabling all participants to be on the same page. When everyone commits to updating the statuses of their tasks, it creates a clear picture of progress and responsibilities, helping meetings produce tangible results.

The Importance of Guidelines

To truly harness the power of Microsoft Teams, it is crucial for organisations to establish and adhere to clear guidelines. Consistency is key to ensuring that all team members use Teams effectively. For instance, guidelines should specify the use of Posts for internal messaging and Chat only for short-term communications. Guidelines should also emphasise the importance of storing all shared files in Teams and maintaining consistent file names. Additionally, guidelines should encourage the real-time capturing of meeting notes and actions, with a commitment from all to keep tasks up-to-date.

WorkingSmart® with Microsoft TEAMS

At Priority Management, we are committed to helping organisations to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams. After our WorkingSm@rt® with Microsoft TEAMS course, we work with organisations to develop tailored guidelines that promote effective collaboration and productivity. Our course is designed to transform the way teams work together, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

By fully embracing the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and committing to consistent use of agreed-upon guidelines, organisations can significantly enhance their internal communications, document management, and meeting productivity.

The result?  A more efficient, organised, and productive workplace.


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